About Jason

Jason Carey LAB Plumbing is able to help with all plumbing requirements with expertise in roofing, sewer, water, gas, stormwater and general plumbing and maintenance.

Jason has been working as a plumber since 1999 and has been operating his own plumbing business for the since 2005 in the Ballarat and District area.

Jason and his staff are able undertake all plumbing works associated with new houses as they are being constructed from underslab works, right up to fit-off. Jason and his team are competent with the plumbing of renovations, relocations of fixtures, roofing (including spouting, cladding and fascia) for sheds, pergolas and houses, and other plumbing works as required.

Jason Carey LAB Plumbing can also install and fit wastewater treatment systems in non-sewered areas, including the installation of standard septic tank systems (subject to Council Approval).

Our plumbing expertise also includes the installation of split system heating/air conditioning systems, installation of gas heaters, hot water services, water tanks and grey-water treatment systems.

Jason prides himself in quoting a fair and reasonable prices, as well as ensuring works commence in a timely manner and are completed within a specified time frame. Jason Carey LAB Plumbing have grown in reputation as excellent plumbers with an excellent workmanship and finish to their jobs.

All works are completed in accordance with the standards and Jason takes additional pride in ensuring a neat and professional finish is achieved with all works.

For any plumbing advice or quotes on plumbing works, please contact Jason on telephone 0438 689 025.



Jason can be contacted directly on 0438 689 025